Sunday, July 13, 2014


The things I get these sad little subs to do are DISGUSTING . I sit back calmly half amused half paying attention to something else AHAHAHAAH !
Here is Idiot #1 I call him "drunk puppet" because he drinks bottles of wine, snorts poppers, then apparently passes out on cam - ONE WORD -**LOSER**! He currently survives mainly off chips alone to spend on me and claims I made him broke already (useless puppet).
 This is idiot #2 , the first picture bored me all he did was a stick a clothespin in his septum I HAD MINE PIERCED . Pussy much?
Then he attempts to make himself puke while clothespinned, and fails even at that PATHETIC!!The last two pics are him shoving a toilet brush down his throat, then eventually deepthroating it. THIS IDIOT WILL LITERALLY DO ANYTHING I TELL HIM TO LMAOOO! Fools.

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