Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sissy trying to have balls

This one is too fucking funny. I am having a field day with this one. This sissy I did one real life session with ( past pics with blonde wig and underwear ones ) Remember these embarrassing pics ??

Well you got what you wished for, Alex Viola. A cross dresser who works in a school around CHILDREN ....don't think that will go over too well ! UHoh  is someone fucked ? I think so 

So there is the info. of a little sissy bitch who likes to wear makeup, cross dress, and think he can find a GIRLFRIEND out of a paid dom session . LMAO. Enjoy

Another day more of YOUR money;)

So spring/ summer is fast approaching....before  summer my birthday comes up!!! You all know what that means...I better damn well wake up to being spoiled like the Goddess I am :)
 Also , I will be wanting a new wardrobe, because why not ? IM NOT buying it hahaha who wants the privledge?
Just a small sample of this past two days plus a few greendots. I love being rewarded for being the bratty, bitchy Goddess I am <3 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hello little boys (aka- sissies) , little toys

Lately I have  been recieving a great deal of humiliating photos , etc. from wanna-be slaves. These little bitches have not proven themselves and therefore this post comes up ;)
These are all from the failed wanna be sissy:

And since were on the topic of sissy losers, here is a couple for  your entertainment.. I know I had a good laugh;)

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Here is some examples of the brainless losers I have been dealing with lately... sometimes I wonder why I keep at it but then I remember they go to work EVERYday for ME. An email from a potential sub ahhahahah PATHETIC!!!.
Ladies && Gentlemen Please Meet my Newest Sissyfying Trainee ! I hope he proves to be a good little slut ;)