Sunday, July 14, 2013


Loser Cocksucker Whore Blackmail!

Do not EVER make the mistake of trying to blackmail me when you are indeed owned by me. This little cock sucking Sissie thought he would be slick and rip me off , then try to blackmail me saying that he is going to blackmail ME. I just introduced you to the world of being a sub, apparently you are not ready for it  / are a scam artist. Pay up now *Eric Buchanan because I am putting all your info ON BLAST!!!!!!!

So you BITCHES think its cute to blackmail someone, ill show him blackmail ;) Since when is it acceptable ESPECIALLY for a loser who is a sub to speak to me like that.
*Blow up his info for all i care fucking creep blackmailing me for used panties and the fact that i wouldnt fuck him hahaha what a JOKE !!! The guys  i date are MEN not BITCHES.

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